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Our vision is based on funding Aboriginal communities, land care, increasing employment and local community sustainable foraging practices and resources along with building equality and historical acceptance.

The Plum Project was created  by Tahlia Mandie after visiting remote communities first hand and realising the need to preserve, honour and assist in preserving traditional culture and practice in the Australian bush food industry. 

1. Support Aboriginal communities in the development of bush food commercialisation through sustainable infrastructure and resources

2. Harness cultural acceptance and heritage everyday among all Australians 

3. Partner and collaborate with communities, organisations, researchers and leaders to further help develop the preservation of Indigenous culture, Australian bush foods and economic exclusion.





Our projects

In the Nyul Nyul tribe there were two old men, elders, bush doctors, grandfathers of our tribe. They were professors of the land and knew what it held. It was them that instructed us men in land caring and it was our job to keep the country safe from fire and make sure that the trees were healthy and fruited regularly.
— Bruno Dann


We believe in an Australia where non-Indigenous Australians are more culturally aware of Indigenous foods and heritage, celebration and appreciation of our traditional people. Education creates appreciation, changes stigma, empowers celebration and builds diversity. 

Jilungin Bush tea project

The Plum Project works closely with Twin Lakes Cultural Park and aims to hep them build facilities and infrastructure to continue their foraging practices on a larger scale. This project is specifically for their native Australian traditional tea Mulching/ Processing Facility to help build infrastructure to process their Jilungin tea leaves. Research shows that the Jilungin tea performs best as a herbal tea when it has been mulched or cut, this process releases more of the tea's antioxidant properties, notably exceeding that of Green Tea. Without having the infrastructure to do this part of the process we are only able to sell the tea in its whole leaf form and to a point, devaluing the product and forfeiting opportunities to create additional jobs in this remote area.  



The Plum Project creates hands on workshop education incursions for schools focusing on bush foods, cooking and Indigenous culture. We believe that through a hands on experience of using bush food ingredients and planting bush foods in school gardens, the appreciation, awareness and cultural borders shift. Teaching children to grow, harvest and prepare their own fruit and vegetables is known to have a positive effect on their health and wellbeing. With a further engagement with bush tucker foods and plants, students are likely to share with their friends and family, creating a greater ripple effect of change, cultural acceptance and awareness. 

Please get in touch if you are interested in having The Plum Project run a workshop in your school (Victoria only at this stage)


The Plum Project partners with remote Aboriginal communities across Australia, including Twin Lakes Cultural Park. We strive to partner with other Aboriginal focused charities and non-for-profit organisations to achieve our outcome of impacting foraging and employment opportunities. 





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